Aroma Yoga

As advocates of safe use of essential oils, Nila Wellness is here to create the sacred space to de-stress, heal and chill with many upcoming holistic healing workshops, courses, masterclasses and AromaYoga.

Let’s fill the space with your positive vibes and vibrant energy.


1 Online Class Credit – $10

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Unlimited access for the week
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Our studio at 4A Haji Lane Singapore 189197 is temporarily close due to COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures.

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Private Class (1-on-1)

From $99 per 60min class.
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Class Types

Uniquely tailored to get the best of both worlds, AromaYoga combines aromatherapy and yoga to achieve greater well-being. Enhance your yoga practice and discover greater mindfulness, body awareness and improved health of the body, mind, and spirit.


Quieten your mind and turning your attention inward by opening up your body and mind to good vibes. Combining aromatherapy, yoga poses and mindfulness exercises, feel greater calm, ease and optimism to take on the day. Expect a calming yin class where the teacher may sometimes surprise you with a little flow.


Looking for a gentle introduction to AromaYoga? This class includes most yoga styles, together with practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.


It’s time to connect to your breath in this stretch and strengthen class. Combining aromatherapy, this flow class renew your energetic body and promote concentration as you move through dynamic yoga poses.


Unleash your power in AromaYoga Power. Combining aromatherapy in a power packed class, you will instantly feel stronger and empowered. May include inversions and arm balances.

Aroma Healing

Aroma Yoga Nidra

Rest and reconnect to your True Nature with the ancient practice of yoga nidra. By combining the power of aromatherapy and the iRest® Yoga Nidra practice, we invite you to awaken through rest to a life of unshakable peace and wellbeing. After moving through gentle and mindful yoga poses as preparation, the class will be led through a guided Yoga Nidra practice.

Aroma Restore

Restore and rebalance through deliciously relaxing poses fully supported by a variety of props and aromatherapy in this class designed to encourage effective release of stress and tension. Find wellness through rest in this highly supportive class that will quiet your mind and nervous system through effortless yoga poses that are held for longer periods of time to allow for complete rest.

New! Aroma Meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation

A guided meditation in the theme of lovingkindness, also known as metta meditation. Focus on directing well-wishes, cultivate propensity for kindness, allowing us to discover our capacity for love and strengthen feelings of kindness and connection toward others.

Aroma Crystal Bowls Sound Bath

Float on a tapestry of specially tuned healing frequencies from the Alchemy Crystal Bowls and together with the use of essential oils to move energy through the body in a way that can help to gently release energetic blocks, reduce tension, stimulate circulation and also aids to relax the conscious mind and achieve alpha and theta brainwave states that promote that deeper sense of relaxation where healing happens. The result is a reorganization of the emotional energy and feelings that are tied into the body structure. It helps to quieten the mind. Come discover this out-of-this-realm experience that allow you to release and renew! It will probably be like nothing you’ve ever tried before. It’s truly musical medicine that awakens and heals the Spirit!

Aroma Gong Bath

The rich soundscape of the wide harmonics can lead to a positive, relaxing experience, because it allows you to detach from the cognitive part of the brain. Immerse in a multi-sensory experience using the potent combination of otherworldly Gong sounds and sacred therapeutic aromas. Gongs generate powerful, intense healing vibrations which create deep relaxation and state of meditation. This stimulates the release of stress, and any other blocks that may have set deep inside our inner self, on a cellular level. Combined with scent, they support a healing journey to inner peace, calm and inspiration. Unwind and feel the tension melt away to a gentle state of lightness.



Birdie used to think that yoga was just a “stretch”, but after being dragged to her first yoga class at a student gym six years ago, she has never looked back. Birdie has since gone on to obtain her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow, and has taught at various places including Still Yoga, Platinum Fitness and corporate classes since 2017. This yogi hopes to share her passion through creating a safe space for everyone to practice, and her classes promise a fun-filled challenge for all levels.


As an artist, Hayley has always known she is made to create magical art and flow in her own life and others. Her first yoga class in Bali led to her falling in love with the body awareness and deepening her understanding of the connection of the mind, heart and movement and how to be indifferent on and off the mat. Finding yoga in her practice, she believes the tools are given to look within, allowing space for more growth and cultivating a healthy relationship with ourselves. After embarking on her intensive 200hr Hatha Vinyasa teacher training in Bali, she found a new meaning in her life where she had been handed down the knowledge and experiences she can now forever hold and now share with her students.


Felicia found Yoga in 2005 looking for an alternative way of healing. Through her own life experiences and challenges, the practice of yoga and meditation are vital in her toolbox of life; physically, mentally and spiritually. As she journeyed inward, she was also naturally drawn to energy healing modalities such as Sound and Reiki. The premise that we are all connected through the same universal energy and web of life resonates deeply with her. Her heartfelt desire is to share the teachings and practices with others seeking wholeness and healing; our personal healing empowering the relationships we have with the world around us. She finds joy most in offering Restorative yoga, iRest® yoga nidra meditation, Hatha yoga, Sound therapy and Reiki treatments. Her sessions encourage compassion, acceptance and strength through breath work, supportive sequences and modifications.


Wendy Lum had her very first intriguing experience with Sound Healing and Reiki in her 30s. Her keen sense of curiosity led her to the journey of healing, restoring and balancing body energy. The Gong, Crystal Bowls and Reiki healing modalities have given her the opportunity to listen to her heart, inner dialogue and hear that still quiet voice within. It simply just came into her life at the right moment when she needed it and ready to receive the teachings. She left the corporate marketing role that she played for more than 17 years and has never looked back since. As she dwelled deeper into her sound, energy learnings and Yoga practice, she discovered that they can be combined to be a very powerful healing tool and is excited to share this with more people, so that they can also benefit from it like she did. Her tools and gifts support the transformation and upgrade of the energetic bodies so that we can function as the highest form of ourselves while being in the world.


Cedric found Yoga to be more than just a physical workout and specialises in power style classes such as Vinyasa & Ashtanga. Practice and all is coming – a mantra that Cedric holds firmly. With a tight schedule in the day as a corporate warrior, Cedric balances it off with practising and teaching Yoga on a group & private level, a deep passion developed over the years. He has attended various workshops including Kino Mcgregor & Laruga Glaser, renowned Ashtanga lineage teachers for deeper studies and understanding of Ashtanga practice. Though he goes on a vigorous preference class, going back to basic in Hatha, Yin & Meditation is something Cedric’s looking for at the end of the hectic day.


  • Please arrive 10 mins before class start to prepare yourself and to settle down for your practice.
  • Late comers will not be allowed to join the class.


  • Class bookings are open 7 days in advance for booking.
  • To ensure you get a spot in class, we strongly encourage you to book your classes online.
  • If you come without booking and the class is full, you’ll be on the wait list on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • If you booked for class but do not show up 5 minutes before class starts, your mat may be released to those on the wait list.
  • Cancellation can only be done no less than 4 hours before class starts.
  • Any late cancellations or no shows will result in your booked class being utilised.
  • In case of class postponement, all participants who have provided us with their mobile numbers will be notified via SMS of cancellations at least 1 hour prior to the class.
  • Booking of workshops will only be confirmed when payment has been made.
  • No refunds for cancellation of workshops.


  •  Please be dressed comfortably in attire that allows for stretching and movement.


  • No shoes are allowed in the studio, we love to keep our practice space clean and tidy.
  • No bags are allowed in the practice space. Please keep your belongings in the pigeon hole provided.
  • Please spray and wipe clean the mats after usage.
  • Drop your used towels in the laundry basket provided.
  • Please throw all rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed during practice.
  • Please keep your phones in silent mode or switched off when class is happening.
  • Keep your volume down when class is happening.


  • By registering, you agree to the indemnity here
  • Class passes are non-transferable & non-refundable
  • Class passes validity starts from the date of purchase
  • Trial class pass is only valid for one week and for one use
  • Strictly no extension of class pass package
  • Class pass pricing is final and not eligible for any further discount

General Disclaimer

  • Nila reserves the right in absolute discretion to refuse your participating in our activities and/or using our facilities
  • Nila reserves the right to change our class schedule from time to time without prior notice
  • Nila may photograph or video classes or events occurring at the studio and then place these photographs on its websites and relevant social media.
  • Nila will not responsible for any damages, injuries or other medical problems that might occur