Introduction to Aromatherapy Full Certification Course

Discover the fundamentals of the full IFPA/NAHA aromatherapy certification course by going back to basics.

Language: English


  • About aromatherapy and aromatherapists
  • Basics of essential oils, carrier oils and their profiles
  • Application methods
  • Safety
  • Content of certification course and projects

Meet with NIA’s founder and tutor, Adeline Lim to understand more on what being an aromatherapist is all about.

Aromatherapy Certification

(Accredited by IFPA & NAHA)

Begin your journey with the essentials to kick start your career in the industry of aromatherapy.

Language: English


  • 5 modules of extensive knowledge on aromatherapy
  • Assist students in reaching professional standards to further studies on an international level
  • Small scale class to improve learning efficiency and interaction

Course Structure

  • Day Class : 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Night Class : 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • 200 hours in-class
  • 150 hours of self-study


  • Examinations verified by IFPA approved examiners and external examiners in the UK

Course Fees

  • Full Course Fees: $ 4000
  • Course Fees Per Module: $ 900
I say thank you to the teacher Because she tought us with passion and to the staff that help her to organise the course
Federica Lelli
Overall, I am really glad that I have enrolled for this course as it has greatly expanded my knowledge. It has also affected my increment change in lifestyle - to use more natural ingredients for household cleaning agents. I am more aware of chemicals and synthetic smell and the possible harm to our bodies and to the environment. It’s all about sustainability. I highly recommend this course to others. Also I have also gained new friends through coming for this course - we support each other and share our trials and errors in our journey and experience.
Chong Yin Yin
It was a very thorough and educational course. Adeline do not only use the course materials, she will always go to the extra mile to explain and show us different materials to ensure that we understand. You would think that night time studies will be tiring but I can assure you that none of us night class students doze off, cause every session is engaging and exciting.
Elissa Lee Jia Ping
I have more in-depth knowledge over aromatherapy after the course. This gives me more credibility when I speak about essential oils
Annie Goh
The knowledge on essential oils and their appropriate uses is very useful.
Fong Huey Yee
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